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Insurrection update – pre-impeachment edition

Our update on insurrection and events from January 29 to February 1.



From Malcontentment Happy Hour, February 1, 2021

A summary of events from January 29 to February 1, 2021

The fallout from the January 6, 2021, Insurrection continues

  • Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Facebook post about the 2018 California wildfires being started by the Rothchilds who funded Jewish space lasers comes to light
  • Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene is interviewed by British neo-Nazi Katie Hopkins on January 7, 2021
  • Donald Trump’s entire legal team quits over the weekend after differences emerged on strategy and payments
  • Donald Trump to now be represented by David Schoen and Bruce Castor Jr, lawyers who both have questionable pasts with their legal connections to sex offenders
  • Portland streamer “Behind Enemy Lines” outs one of his moderators in an interview where “Ryan” discusses entering the Capitol during the insurrection
  • L Lin Wood has been asked to take a mental health evaluation by the state of Georgia as disbarment continues
  • Brian Williams played a “fake” news segment mocking the meeting of former President Donald Trump and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy
  • State GOPQ Representative Shawnna Bolick of Arizona introduced legislation that would enable the legislature of Arizona to reject the vote of the Arizona people
  • Michael Flynn is trying to cash in on the QAnon money ramping up his own website Digital Soldiers and selling Q merch
  • Open Secrets has connected the dots on campaign contributions and donations to January 6, 2021, insurrection, listing the people and agencies involved
  • Nebraska Catholic priest Rev. David Fulton did an exorcism outside the Capitol during the insurrection and is facing backlash
  • John Revlett of Island, Kentucky, and a fourth-place winner in a “sexy farmer” contest was arrested for his involvement in the insurrection after outing himself on Snapchat
  • Couy Giffin of New Mexico (also reported as from Texas) and the founder of Cowboys for Trump was arrested for his involvement in the insurrection and has been placed into solitary confinement for his actions after his arrest

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