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Man allegedly with bomb and claims to be part of a larger D.C. domestic terror plot surrenders

Man claims the bomb will detonate if he releases the trigger and that there is a wider bomb plot in Washington D.C.



Update: Ray Roseberry, 49, has surrendered to Washington D.C. police

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – (MTN) Washington D.C. police have evacuated the Supreme Court and the U.S. Capitol after a man in a black pickup truck parked near the Library of Congress and claimed he has a bomb big enough to take out “two-and-half blocks.”

A USA Today report stated that police were in active negotiations with the man to bring about “a peaceful resolution to the incident.” Police say they have identified the man, but have not released his name. The website identified the man as Ray Roseberry.

In a Facebook Live video, since removed, the individual makes a statement that vacillates from calm to angry. The man, who is white and appears to be in his 40s, claims he is from Alabama and is part of a larger group that has four more bombs in the United States Capitol. At one point, he implies that one bomb could be located close to the White House.

We have had to take down the video due to excessive traffic on the site – we apologize for this and will upload a more compressed version later.

Malcontent News downloaded the video from Facebook before it was deleted. We do not support this message or this blatant act of domestic terrorism. Viewer discretion is advised. In the video the man claims:

  • He claims the bomb is made from ammonium-nitrate, which is the same material that was used in the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995
  • He showed in his video his vehicle full of shrapnel including coins, what appears to be ball bearings, and other metal debris
  • He made several demands to talk to Joe Biden directly
  • Claims he is a “good American” and a “Patriot”
  • Says “Democrats are killing America”
  • He railed about how pennies are made out of zinc, and blamed Joe Biden
  • He is holding a large metal can in his lap, and appears to be holding a device in his left hand attached to the can
  • Repeats he, “wants to go home by Sunday,” and how he promised his wife he would be home for dinner
  • He asks at one point, “where are all my American patriots? Don’t make a lair out of me.”
  • Claims he is acting to “get the revolution started”
  • Makes a statement to President Joe Biden, “Look here you little bitch. Some people doing some things now, and that’s the fucking South.”
  • At one point he claims his wife was aware of the plot, but then at another point claims he lied to his wife and told her he was going on a fishing trip
  • Makes another state about the bomb, “This was made by ya’ all Qaeda, and you better not forget that Joe.”

The Facebook Live lasted for 31 minutes, and at no time did he address and commenters on the video. He claims that he is part of a larger organization, and he was “picked for this.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

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