Weekend forecast for June 7, 2019

Ahhh, the weekend, a time of relaxation and for Puget Sound residents, of supreme importance during the summer months. This weekend forecast is a combination of bad news/good news.

First, the bad news, Friday is going to be a total washout and it is going to be, dare I say it, cold for June. We won’t see 60 degrees on Friday, heck the highest, coldest spots in Kirkland may struggle to get to 55 tomorrow. We’ll see rain showers that will be heavy at times, and it isn’t too far out of the realm of possibilities for Kirkland to hear thunder and see some hail. To add to the fun, we’ll likely see the heaviest precipitation in the hours leading up to the evening commute, so pack your patience in the morning for your drive home.

Now, the good news, after a washout on Friday the rest of the weekend is looking very nice. Saturday and Sunday will both be completely average early June days. Saturday will be the cooler, but temperatures will be near normal in the high 60s. The day will likely start cloudy but get better toward the afternoon.

Sunday will be a few degrees warmer, getting into the low 70s. The day will be mostly cloudy, but it will be a marine layer in the morning that slowly dries out, and the clouds will rise through the day.

For outdoor activity, either Saturday or Sunday is the best bet, but forget Friday – that is going to be a total loss. Me personally, I’m hoping for some booms and flashes tomorrow!

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