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Police association manual about Black Lives Matter is riddled with falsehoods and propaganda

Police training organization widely condemned for dangerous misinformation in a document sent to thousands.



[MUNSTER] – (Malcontent News) The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), a law enforcement training group, teaches its subscribers that Black Lives Matter is a terroristic organization that uses guerrilla warfare tactics. In October, ILEETA released a 176-page manual titled, “Understanding Antifa and Urban Guerrilla Warfare.” The widely condemned document is full of false and misleading information and Trump Administration propaganda.

In a story in the AP, Phillip Atiba Goff, a Yale University professor who is an expert on racial bias in policing, said, “It’s stunning. It’s distressing in many ways. It’s untethered to reality. I worry that it leads to people dying unnecessarily.”

In a review and fact check of the manual, now removed from the ILEETA website, the document contains a litany of conspiracy theories and false claims, many disproven before the October 2020 publication. Spread to small and medium-size police departments across the United States, the rhetoric is not only dangerous, but a review shows that the ideologies expressed are more aligned with right-wing anti-government groups.

False, disproven, inflammatory, and conspiracy theory claims include:

Page 7: Black Lives Matter is akin to urban paramilitary groups who work with criminal elements supported by gangs

“Urban paramilitary groups often work with otherwise apolitical criminal elements outside the drug arena. Criminal gangs are frequently the silent partners of urban revolutionaries.”

Although this statement is true in some foreign conflicts, it has not been true in the United States and not a tactic employed by Black Lives Matter or “Antifa,” which isn’t an organization.

Page 9: These groups use selective assassination to move their agenda

“One popular technique is to selectively assassinate members of the same ethnic community as the urban guerrillas and terrorists.”

There is no connection to Black Lives Matter or Antifa to any assassinations, attempts, or plots. In contrast, officials indicted six far-right-wing extremists for their plan to take two state governors hostage, hold tribunals, and execute at least one of them.

Page 19: After railing for pages about creating us versus them mentality, the actual manual starts with creating us versus them mentality

“Our enemies have figured us out already. They are agile, innovative and will try whatever works.”

Page 22: Black Lives Matter (aka Antifa) have created sniper teams that have taken to the roofs in U.S. cities

“From experience in the Middle East and Kosovo, the use of trained, dedicated snipers with the proper rifle can be a force multiplier and considerably more effective. Terrorist groups, drug cartels, and, according to classified intelligence, Antifa, BLM, and gangs in certain cities have trained, dedicated snipers.”

The use of snipers during George Floyd motivated protests is well documented, with all incidents involving right-wing militias. This includes an arrest in Chatanooga, armed right-wing militias in Omak, WashingtonWashington D.C., and Philadelphia

Page 23, 25, and 70: Antifa led anti-government protests will spread in tempo and violence as we move closer to the election

Page 23: “As we move closer to the elections, violence will only intensify, moving into the “privileged” business districts and neighborhoods.”

Page 25: “Just give them an excuse so that they may test their preparations for the coming elections. Notice, these riots occurred in cities with governments that were favorable to them and their cause.”

Page 70: “What has been observed regarding the people in the riots in Portland and Seattle are ANTIFA’s, in the words of Stalin “useful idiots.” The hard-core, terrorist trained troops are being held back for the events planned in the weeks heading to the elections.”

Black Lives Matter protests and protests from the political left have decreased significantly nationally in the weeks leading up to and after the national election. In contrast, violent protests from the far-right have increased dramatically. In Salem, Oregon, right-wing protesters have used pepper spray, tear gas, and batons against the police while smashing windows and destroying property. The actions led to a riot declaration against right-wing paramilitaries and multiple arrests. 

Increasing violent right-wing protests have occurred in the same cities indicated to be “Antifa” friendly in the document. President Donald Trump has encouraged armed right-wing extremists to protest on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C., and has said he will address the group.

Page 30: Yellow vest protests in France have gotten more violent because protesters are employing Antifa tactics

“The acts of violence and vandalism are perpetrated by radical leftists, radical rightists, anarchists, and rioters from the suburbs who join the demonstrations, which are supposed to be conducted nonviolently, along a particular route, and with police oversight…

…taking a page from Antifa, the protestors have taken to wearing all black and resorting more and more to violence.”

Yellow vest protests have gotten less violent and far more infrequent in France well before the document was written. The concept of wearing bloc has been an established technique of the left, right, and partisans for over 100 years. For example, although the Klu Klux Klan wore white robes and hoods, they concealed their identities and operated as a bloc.

Page 70 and 74: China and Russia are supporting Antifa in a full-scale hybrid war against the United States

Page 70: “The unrest and riots that erupted in the wake of George Floyd protests are evidence that a full-scale hybrid war is being waged against the United States, aimed at undermining their geopolitical leadership. This war, which has a clear plan and intent, continues to remain unnoticed in the United States. While experts point out that Russia and China, through their official and covert tools on social media, are actively supporting the protests in the United States.”

Page 74: “Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are fronts for Russia and China.”

These claims have been disproven repeatedly. It is true that Russian disinformation campaigns have targeted both the left and right in the United States, but that a majority of misinformation has targeted the right. Russia is mostly behind the disinformation about 5G, while Chinese WeChat was flooded with right-wing propaganda and fake information.

Page 70 and 72: Elite terrorist trained troops were trained in Mexico and Syria and will strike during the elections

Page 70: “ANTIFA has had its elite trained in the drug cartel training camps in Mexico and in the PKK training camps in Syria. Once trained, these individuals have returned to either Europe or the U.S.”

Page 72: “These people are not what we are seeing in Portland and Seattle regarding the current character of Antifa rioters, but, true terrorists.”

Travel to and from Syria has been near impossible since the Obama Administration. The predictions of far-left violence during and after elections have not proven out to be true. The document is full of conspiratory inflammatory language directed at law enforcement, putting all citizens at increased risk. 

Page 73: Cites Trevor Loudon and Stephen Coughlin as sources to learn more about Antifa

“Open source reference Center for Security Policy…recent podcasts from Trevor Louden and Stephan Coughlin about Antifa, it’s history, origin, cash flow, etc.”

Trevor Loudon lives in New Zealand and is a writer for the Epoch Times. The Chinese based Epoch Times pushes multiple conspiracy theories aligned to Qanon and is supportive of Donald Trump’s policies against the Chinese government.

Stephen Coughlin was labeled a “Christian zealot with a pen,” in 2007 by Pentagon officials for his anti-Muslim rhetoric. Brought on as the only Pentagon expert on Sharia law, there was an internal call for his ouster. He wasn’t fired, but the Pentagon did not renew his contract.

Page 73: Cites Project Veritas as a source of information on Antifa

“Another site is Project Veritas…these are actual undercover videos of Antifa teaching fighting tactics.”

Project Veritas rose in significance with undercover videos, including exposing ACORN. The organization has increasingly moved to create fake content to remain relevant—the videos from June 4, 2020, alleging that meetings occurred in a Portland-area bookstore. The video purports to have infiltrated Rose City Antifa, a Leftist Portland group. However, the bookstore, In Other Words, is fictional from a comedy sketch by the television series Portlandia.

Page 74 and Page 86: The document uses the anti-Semitic trope that George Soros is funding Antifa

Page 74: “Antifa is financially and tactically sponsored by the powers in Moscow through George Soros and his followers.”

Page 86: “George Soros, with the backing of Moscow, reached out to Antifa, offered financing, training and instructors to their leaders in the U.S. Soros and Russia are utilizing the concept of “Disruptive targeting” where you disrupt the link between government, the people and law enforcement.”

The idea the George Soros is behind any left movement on the planet is rooted in anti-Semitism. 

Page 89: Cites the website as proof of Antifa financing

The website, Paid Liberal Protester, was created by the Daily Show for a skit. The URL now redirects to a site selling books by Daily Show alumni.

Page 89: Looters in Bellevue, Washington were paid Antifa protesters quoting Police Chief Steve Mylett

“There are groups paying these looters money to come in and they’re getting paid by the broken window. This is something totally different we are dealing with that we have never seen as a profession before. We did have officers that were in different areas that were chasing these groups. When we make contact, they just disperse.”

Chief Mylett’s quote is out of context, as indicated in this KIRO News story. A KING 5 story from August 28, 2020, stated, “Bellevue Police Chief Steve Mylett previously called the looting “a well-organized plan” and did not believe the looters were there to protest Floyd’s death.”

Bellevue Police have made 46 arrests to date with no attribution or connection to Black Lives Matter of Antifa.

Page 94: Police in Portland and Seattle have found large caches of explosives and ammunition attributed to Antifa

“The attacks in Portland and Seattle have developed to the point that law enforcement are finding stashes of homemade explosives, Molotov cocktails and rifle ammunition. “

This is an untrue statement with no supporting evidence from any law enforcement organization. The document goes on to show as proof on pages 95 and 96, a picture of two Molotov cocktails, four magazines, and two fireworks.

Page 97: Antifa has a centralized command and control

“During the riots, the scouts would be radioing information back to their leader(s) who, in turn, would be passing this on to higher-ups. Everybody, in the chain of command was receiving, as close to real time intelligence as possible.”

A review of the training manual provided pages of information on Antifa being leaderless, decentralized, and rely on small, independently operating cells. The document then goes 180 degrees with unified command and control claims.

Page 107: The tactics of Antifa resulted in the abandonment and burning of the Third Police Precinct in Minneapolis during the George Floyd riots

“In this anonymous submission, participants in the uprising in Minneapolis in response to the murder of George Floyd explore how a combination of different tactics compelled the police to abandon the Third Precinct.”

There have been five arrests related to the burning and attack on the Third Precinct. The decision to evacuate happened after a right-wing aligned Boogaloo Boi fired 12 rounds into the building and bragged about it on social media. Two Minneapolis brothers, aligned to far-right ideology, were arrested for arson of the structure. Another person pled guilty to throwing additional fuel on the fire (a box), aligned to the leftist ideology. The identity and political affiliation of those who shot into the building and burned it were well known before the training manual was written. 

Page 108: The same document then disavows Black Lives Matter or Antifa of having any involvement with the burning of the Third Precinct

“While the initial gathering was occasioned by a rally hosted by a Black-led organization, all of the actions that materially defeated the Third Precinct were undertaken after the rally had ended, carried out by people who were not affiliated with it.”

The Minneapolis Police Department, ATF, FBI, and other investigators’ findings confirm the lack of connection to Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

Page 110: Peaceful protesters are just part of the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa plan

“They created a spectacle of legitimacy, which was intensified as police violence escalated. They created a front line that blocked police attempts to advance when they deployed outside of the Precinct.”

Page 124: The document uses “code” for violence to gain intelligence as part of an offensive against Antifa

“Narcotics and gang units should “work” their sources and cultivate new ones as well. A lot of Antifa members like their drugs.”

The term “work” in quotes has a sinister implication. Additionally, the message of a well oiled, funded, and cohesive controlled organization is also an organization of drug addicts contradicts itself. 

Page 124: To gather intelligence the manual advises to “work with the homeless”

“Work with the homeless. These people see and hear everything in their areas and they don’t want their homes or way of life destroyed by outsiders.”

The treatment of the unhomed throughout United States cities that destroy their homes and way of life indicates that the police do not value this advice, or there is no merit to it.

Page 125: Gangs with large amounts of money is a sign Antifa is operating in the area

“Gangs and drug dealers with a lot of money. These groups may be purchasing weapons or components to make explosives or incendiary devices.”

The document’s remainder comprises of disproven documents, conspiracy theories, and authoritative materials from questionable sources. ILEETA has since removed the manual from their website, claiming an updated version is privately available. 

ILEETA has deep ties to Wisconsin law enforcement, particularly in Kenosha. Officials there have denied they have any connection with ILEETA or received a copy of the manual. However, local authorities’ tactics during riots over the summer seem to align to the ILEETA doctrine.

In a Wisconsin Examiner article, Jim Palmer, president of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, said the views contained in the ILEETA manual do not contribute to the national dialogue around reform. 

“I think it’s more imperative than ever for law enforcement to contribute to the public discourse that surrounds policing in a way that is credible and noninflammatory,” Palmer says. “The same ought to apply to the dialogue within the law enforcement community as well. On both of those fronts, the recent ILEETA research paper and monthly newsletter missed the mark in disturbing fashion. In relying on misinformation, incendiary rhetoric, and in painting law enforcement’s critics with a broad brush, ILEETA’s recent publications do nothing to elevate the national conversation related to 21st century policing.” 

You can download Understanding Antifa and Urban Guerrilla Warfare manual from ILEETA.

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