You can’t out-exercise a bad diet

If you’ve been following my adventures in NYC this week you’ve likely seen my quests to find the best hot dog and the best pizza slice in Manhattan. A key benefit of burning calories like someone in their 20s, you can eat like someone in their 20s – but longterm you can’t.

I’ve made some comments in the video about jogging between each location (truth, with an exception of coming back from a hot dog as I just couldn’t do it with a full belly). I do work hard to make sure I burn at least 3,000 calories each day. The reality is if I sit on my ass and do nothing, I’ll burn between 2,000 and 2,200 calories. If I limit myself to 2,000 to 2,200 calories (burn what you take in) then – MALCONTENT HUNGRY! It isn’t enough, so ironically I have to exercise, to burn more so I can eat more, so I can feel satiated.

The reality is, I can’t out-jog or out-exercise a bad diet – and a diet fueled by Manhattan pizza slices and hot dogs, with the occasional visit to Paris Baguette because holy crap on a pita, what an amazing place to lie to yourself, is a lousy diet. Wait, you’ve written burn what you consume! You’re burning what you consume! Burning 3,200 calories or more a day is tough when you work fulltime. That requires exercise to consume at least 1,000 calories, equivalent to jogging for an hour!

The other issue goes beyond calories. My resting pulse has elevated to 60 BPM this week. Why? The amount of sodium I’m consuming is raising my pulse and blood pressure. Additionally, my level of hydration is swinging wildly. I am also consuming far more than my top target of 30 grams of processed sugar a day, and likely exceeding the government recommendation of no more than 50 grams a day. No amount of exercise, supplements, or hydration will solve for either of these.

It is definitely OK to splurge, and I’m a huge believer that the minute you put food into the bucket of good food and bad food, you’re losing the battle. Pizza followed by a Strawberry Harmonica is not inherently bad – especially if it brings you joy. Pizza and a Strawberry Harmonica followed by a hot dog, day in, day out, is a bad diet. Today was back to basics, Big Ass Salad for lunch (BAS), a cup of soup with a clear broth, and this morning was oatmeal with a single egg and 2 strips of bacon. I even said pass on NYC bagels that are in the office today. It’s OK, I had my fun.

I always close when I write about weighty matters that the most critical thing is to be happy with who you are. That isn’t to dismiss the fact that being overweight has consequences long term. If you’re fighting weighty matters know I’ve been there with you – it’s OK to splurge – but everything has to be in moderation. After 8 slices of pizza and 3 hot dogs in 72 hours, the party is over.

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